Recommended workflow


  1. Make changes (see also CONTRIBUTING doc)
  2. Commit those changes (see Commit Conventions)
  3. Make sure Travis turns green

Rollup bundles

After modifying js files in src folder, you need to build the application bundle:

npm run rollup

For the tests bundle:

npm run rollup-spec

If d3 dep is updated, you need to build the d3-techan bundle:

nom run rollup-d3

New release

  1. Bump version in package.json
  2. npm run changelog
  3. Commit with the message docs(CHANGELOG): vX.Y.Z
  4. Commit package.json with the message chore(release): vX.Y.Z
  5. Tag vX.Y.Z (don't forget v prefix)
  6. Push
  7. Publish