The Account Summary is a small view that provides a summary of your account status. The information, displayed in the Account Summary, is updated when there is a new event, tracked by the Activity view. The last update and the account currency is displayed in the head of the view.

  • Balance The amount of cash in your account.

  • Unrealized P&L The current profit or loss total for all your open trades.

  • Unrealized P&L (%) The unrealized Profit and Loss shown as a percentage of your balance.

  • Net Asset Value Balance plus Unrealized P&L.

  • Realized P&L The amount of profit or loss you have incurred with your trading activity to date.

  • Margin Used The amount of your account balance and Unrealized P&L that is reserved for margin.

  • Margin Available The amount of your Balance and Unrealized P&L available as margin for new trading transactions.

To be implemented:

  • Margin Alert
  • Margin Closeout Value
  • Margin Closeout Percent (%)
  • Position Value